Ending the IVF postcode lottery 

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IVFyes is campaigning so people who need IVF on the NHS can access the recommended treatment

Please get involved to end the postcode lottery for IVF treatment on the NHS

The NHS should provide free and fair access to treatment. If you need IVF, three rounds of treatment are recommended.  


However, treatment is funded locally and only a quarter of people who qualify for treatment actually get the full number of rounds. What constitutes a round varies. Who will receive treatment is inconsistent. People do not necessarily get to choose the NHS centre that will treat them.

It adds to the pain of realising that you will not conceive naturally and the fear of having to go through IVF. It is time for change.


IVFyes is committed to ensuring that every person who qualifies can get the treatment that works for them.

This postcode lottery is unfair


of Britons believe that it is unfair that IVF provision currently varies depending on where you live, rather than on medical need (ComRes poll for IVFyes March 2015)